In the last few years the world has witnessed an impressive evolution of electric propelled vehicles, from self-balancing ElektorWheelies to electric bicycles. The latest addition to this growing family of high-tech electric transportation means are the motorized shoes developed by Acton Incorporated. Started as a project on with the goal to collect $25,000, the ‘spnKiX’ project managed to raise more than four times more. After five years of development and more than 30 prototypes the electric rollers are now ready for production.


The motorized shoes can achieve a top speed of about 10 mph and can do 2 to 3 miles per charge depending on the angle of the surface you are rolling on. This roughly corresponds to 15 to 20 minutes of rolling, not a whole lot. Luckily battery packs are removable so you can quickly get rolling again if you took an extra battery pack with you. Controlling the speed is done with a remote control. Using the electro-skates requires some training which is why the manufacturer recommends a minimum age of 16.


A pair of spnKiX will set you back $ 649 but if you were an early backer you will get a discount.