LEDs can have a place in so many different applications that you may wonder where to begin using them.The Elektor book Fun with LEDs presents more than twenty exciting LED projects aimed at young & old. From an Air Writer, a Party Light, Running Lights, a LED Fader right up to a Christmas Tree. Each project consists of an explanation with a detailed circuit diagram and is illustrated with photographs. In addition, the free support page on the Elektor website offers inspiring videos that elaborate on the projects.


The associated 60-piece starter kit available with this book is a great way to get the circuits built up and tested on a breadboard, i.e. without soldering. We cannot make it any easier. Furthermore, some of the projects employ the popular Arduino microcontroller board that’s graced by a galaxy of open source applications.


The 96-page book Fun with LEDs and the associated 60-piece Starter Kit are now available at a special discounted price. If you purchase the Fun with LEDs Bundle you take advantage of a staggering 15% discount!