To help developers simplify programming and reduce design time, Texas Instruments and Visual Solutions have jointly released a free two-month trial version of VisSim/ECD for TI Piccolo floating-point microcontrollers. The trial version includes all features of VisSim v8.0 and is available for use with TI’s F28069 controlSTICK and F28069 Experimenter’s Kit.

VisSim/ECD Piccolo provides model-based support for TI’s TMS320C2000 Piccolo MCUs. It facilitates software development by providing visually based algorithm creation, simulation, device initialisation, prototyping and C code generation.
VisSim/ECD has a intuitive interface and a production-grade C code generator that enables high sample rates, low RAM and flash requirements, and automatic generation of efficient fixed-point and floating-point operations

Drop-down menus guide the generation of efficient, interrupt-driven code for all on-chip peripherals, including sophisticated operating modes for the A/D converter and PWMs. Simulation helps developers verify, debug and tune algorithms while interactively viewing results in graphic plots, and VisSim can automatically use TI’s Code Composer Studio IDE and emulation (included in the F2806x kits) to compile and link code and download firmware to the target.

Image: TI