Elektor PLUS is a great package that includes 11 issues per year delivered to your doorstep (including the July/August double issue) and a copy of the annual DVD-ROM. But there’s more! Elektor PLUS subscribers have exclusive, personalized access to www.elektor-plus-usa.com which features a powerful search engine for the Elektor digital archive (all editions published since 1998) and instant access to the three latest editions of Elektor magazine stored as PDF documents.


Now, for a limited time only, Elektor PLUS subscribers can download the CD-ROM Home Automation free of charge (rap $28.90) at Elektor-plus-usa.com. This CD-ROM provides an overview of what manufacturers offer today in the field of home networking, both wired and wireless. The CD-ROM contains specifications and standards and protocols of commercially available bus and network systems. For developers, there are datasheets of specific components and various items with application data. End-users and hobbyists will find ready-made applications that can be used immediately. The documents included on the CD-ROM have been classified according to communication media: mains (power line), coaxial cable, telephone line, and wireless (RF).


The free download can be found in the “Extra” menu at the left hand side of the Elektor Plus webpage.