Elektor Subscription-PLUS is a great package providing 11 issues per year delivered to your doorstep (including the July/August double issue), a free welcome gift, a copy of Elektor Volume 2011 DVD-ROM (published March 2012) and exclusive access to elektor-plus.com. But there’s more!


PLUS subscribers have exclusive, personalized access to www.elektor-plus.com offering

- a powerful search engine for the complete Elektor digital archive.

- instant access to the three latest editions of Elektor magazine stored as pdf documents.

- quarterly offers for free downloads of Elektor books, CD-ROMs or DVDs (total value £60 minimum per year).


This quarter, for a limited time the Elektor FPGA Course can be downloaded free of charge (rrp £ 14.50).


The nine lessons on this courseware CD-ROM are a step by step guide to the world of Field Programmable Gate Array technology. Subjects covered include not just digital logic and bus systems but also building an FPGA webserver, a 4-channel multimeter and a USB controller. The CD also contains PCB layout files in pdf format, a Quartus manual, project software and various supplementary instructions.


The free download can be found in the ‘Extra’ menu at the left hand side of the Elektor Plus web page.