Flowcode, the graphical microcontroller programming tool, allows complex electronic and robotic systems to be developed without diving deep into the program code. Macros facilitate the control of devices like 7-segment displays, LC displays and more. Flowcode is great for students wishing to start programming straight away and in a relatively simple way. Flowcode is available in different versions for various types of microcontrollers like PIC, AVR, etc. A particularly comfortable and powerful environment is created when combining Flowcode with E-blocks hardware modules, which are also available from Elektor.


A very special offer is now available to anyone interested in Flowcode for programming the popular PIC controller. If you order the product ‘Flowcode 4 for PIC (Professional version)’, you’ll get a free development board / programmer. The ‘E-blocks Multi PIC Programmer’ represents a value of $121. The offer is also valid to users who upgrade from Flowcode version 3 to version 4.