Microchip Technology has announced a free C++ compiler with unlimited code generation capabilities: MPLAB XC32++ Compiler (Free version), which supports all their 32-bit PIC32 microcontrollers. The compiler enables designers to develop and re-use C++ or mixed C/C++ projects in the MPLAB XC32 environment and makes all of Microchip’s C language extensions available. It is compatible with most C++98 and C++2003 ANSI standards. The compiler also includes Dinkumware standard C, C++ and template libraries.


The free version of the MPLAB XC32++ Compiler is available for download now. It has no time or memory limits, and it can be used in commercial applications. Users who need best-in-class optimisation or a network server license can opt for one of the paid versions: MPLAB XC32++ PRO Workstation Licence or MPLAB XC32++ PRO Network Server Licence. Existing licensees of Microchip’s MPLAB XC32 compilers can add the XC32++ option at an additional charge.