If you are reading this, chances are that you know Elektor. Maybe you even read the magazine from time to time. For those who like our magazine, but never became a member, we propose a so-called trial membership for three months. This will get you three Elektor issues at a very attractive price without leaving your home. Now is an extra good time to try it out, because it will include the extra-thick summer issue that when bought alone will cost you more than a trial membership.

Get your three-month trial membership now and don’t miss the double summer issue! Better still, it will be delivered right at your door! Three Elektor issues equivalent to four for less than the price of two without spending anything on transportation. How’s that for a deal?


For the mathematically inclined here is the offer in a more formal form so you can see for yourself that there are no catches:


(3 → 4)*4.9/2 – 0.30 = £ 9.50!


Clearly our marketing people made a mistake. But hey, what do you care? Their loss is your gain!