Adlink Technology has released the USB-2405 four-channel dynamic signal acquisition module, with a USB 2.0  interface and a built-in IEPE excitation current source that provides 2 mA on each AI channel. The USB-2405 boasts high accuracy and excellent dynamic performance for microphone and accelerometer measurements in vibration and acoustic applications.


The instrument features BNC connectors for instrumentation sensors, built-in anti-aliasing filters, flexible triggering, and USB bus power. The four analog input channels simultaneously sample up to 128 kS/s and deliver 100 dB dynamic range with -94 dB THD. The USB-2405 also supports auto-calibration for ensured accuracy and minimizes temperature drift in the field with maximum gain drift of 11 ppm/°C.


The sample clock rate is programmable using an integrated direct digital synthesizer digital (DDS) for high frequency resolution. The instrument also supports an external digital/analog trigger source and various trigger modes, including post, delay, middle, gated, pre-trigger, and re-trigger.