Version 2.04 of the EveryCircuit Android App has been released. Written by Igor Vytyaz, EveryCircuit from MuseMaze allows you to quickly model analog or digital test circuits on an Android device using its built-in library of discrete components, opamps and logic gates. Press the play button and watch dynamic voltage, current and charge animations flow around your circuit.


While the simulation is running you can tap a component and adjust its parameters. Using the built in oscilloscope feature, tap a point on the circuit to get an immediate view of the waveform. It is even possible to define an arbitrary input waveform using your finger. With more and more components in its library this App just keeps getting better. The next time you have an idea for a circuit, there’s no need to break out the breadboarding tools and soldering iron; EveryCircuit is an ideal and intuitive learning tool for high school Science, Physics and Engineering students. The latest version introduces some operational refinements and allows access to the growing EveryCircuit online community.    


A free version of this App gives the same functionality but with limited circuit complexity and no access to the EveryCircuit online community. The full version runs on Android 1.6 and up.