The Proton robot from Elektor is a versatile platform that’s suitable for students, enthusiasts and professionals alike. The robot can operate with a variety of microcontroller families, and it supports a broad spectrum of sensors and actuators. This is an ideal opportunity to invest in a unique combination of knowledge and fun.


The new Proton robot described in the May 2011 edition of Elektor is a DIY system that can easily be extended in all sorts of ways. You can purchase the robot as a complete kit or ready-made, or you can purchase the individual components separately. This makes it easy to adapt the system to your own wishes and needs, as well as the available budget.


Proton comprises the following electronic and mechanical parts:

  • 1 Body assembly with wheels

  • 1 Head assembly

  • 1 Ultrasonic distance sensor

  • 8 LEDs in the mouth

  • 1 Piezo electronic speaker

  • 8 LEDs in the body

  • 3 IR distanced sensors

  • 1 Motor drive module

  • 3 Line detectors

  • 1 Pair of LED eyes

  • 2 Phototransistors

  • 2 Servo motors

  • 1 LCD

  • Red and black buttons

  • 1 Audio module

  • 1 Gripper

  • 1 CPU Add-on (PIC or AVR)


The kit is sheer fun to assemble with the supplied guide. Proton updates, comments, feedback, problems, solutions, advice, help and chitchat for all users to share are hosted on the Elektor forum.