Elektor is making DSP (Digital Signal Processing) more fun and accessible with the release of our Universal Audio DSP Board! Featured in our January/February edition of Elektor Magazine and based on the Analog Devices ADAU1701 DSP, this board has only through-hole components – except for the DSP itself, which Elektor PCB Service reflow-solder in place especially for you. As usual, Elektor GREEN & GOLD Members receive a 10% discount when purchasing this item!


If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with DSP, Analog Devices’ ADAU1701 DSP Chip presents the perfect opportunity to begin your journey. The chip is specifically for those of you who are looking for an easy migration path from all-analog audio signal processing designs and into the digital domain.


Used in conjunction with the FREE associated development environment called SigmaStudio, you can just drag and drop pre-built blocks and have a complete circuit in minutes which can implemented as a DSP platform or simulated using this board and then implemented as an analog platform (which lots of audiophiles love)! SigmaStudio requires absolutely no programming!


Free Webinar

We also have a webinar detailing how to engage in complex DSP, whilst avoiding challenging mathematical problems, using the Universal Audio DSP Board. So there has never been a better time to purchase this board and jump feet-first into the world of DSP. The webinar is on Thursday, March 20th, and you can register through the link below in order to take part.