The Elektor PCB Prototyper featured in the December 2010 and January 2011 editions of Elektor is a compact, professional PCB router for producing complete PCBs quickly at very high accuracy. The PCB Prototyper is an ideal tool for use not only by independent developers of electronics but also in laboratories, workshops, schools and colleges where prototype PCBs have to be developed quickly. The Elektor PCB Prototyper eradicates waiting for boards from large PCB manufacturers – instead you can instantly make your own PCB in-house, drastically cutting product development time.


It took a while before a video was available showing the PCB Prototyper in action, but now it’s finally happened. Click the link below and view the first demonstration video of this universal machine milling a PCB “while-u-wait”.


Once the first machines reach customers, more videos of the machine in actual use are likely to appear on Elektor International Media’s very own YouTube channel, so stay tuned.