Exactly 50 years ago the publishing house behind Elektor was born. For 50 years on end, the magazine has been a source of inspiration to electronics fans, not just in Holland (Elektor’s native country) but right across the globe. To this very day, Elektor is the largest magazine covering hands-on electronics, its projects admired for their quality by readers from Silicon Valley to Mumbay’s Lamington Road and the markets in Shenzen. And it all started with the simple question: “How can we make people enthusiastic about working with electronics?”


Over the past 50 years thousands of projects have made it to publication and to celebrate that festive occasion with you a special Elektor OUTLET store was set up where a number of our best known products are sold at discounts up to 50 per cent.


The Elektor OUTLET shop is at http://outlet.elektor.com and will remain open for exactly 50 days. Check it out for the weekly specials and the technician’s choices.


50 days … sounds like a long time but please note: availability of all products is strictly limited to stocks. Visit or Miss-It!


OUTLET STORE OPENS --  September 22, 2011 @ noon (CET)

OUTLET STORE CLOSES --  November 11, 2011 @ noon (CET)


Weekly offer: CO2 Meter , for measuring CO2 fluctuation in the air -- this week with 50% DISCOUNT (valid till September 28 2011)