Did you know Elektor has its own channel on YouTube? No beautiful actresses or glib presenters there, sorry. Instead it features the sort of tech stuff Elektor readers appreciate as nice to know (or see) and is complementary to the magazine content.


Highlights on the Elektor International Media channel on YouTube include movie clips on the Digital Multi-Effects Unit, the Elektor Internet Radio project, Elektor Formant, ElektorWheelie, PCB Prototyper, SMD Stencil and Pick & Place tools, Elektor Proton Robot and Jan Buiting’s mini gigs on his Retronics stuff. And don't forget to check out the short video shot by Chris Vossen of Elektor Labs of his 3-D Printer in the making! The channel is also home to a number of video clips received from Elektor readers and authors showing projects, special assembly techniques and tools of the trade.


Just browse the ElektorIM channel yourself for proof that Elektor is by far the liveliest and most up-to-date electronics publication around.