Now available in print and digital formats through the Elektor Store, the November edition of Elektor again has it distinctive blend of electronics news and challenging projects!

Highlights of this issue include the USB Hub – a universal converter which allows for multiple devices to be connected through USB plus two RS-232 ports and two RS-422/RS-485 ports, meaning you can connect up your legacy equipment with ease. We also preview Elektor’s presence at biggest electronics show in the word, electronica, held in Munich.

Additionally, this month’s Elektor contains the first project installment for a top range benchtop power supply, the VariLab 402, featuring two-stage regulation with switching and linear stages, along with wide output voltage range from 0 to 40 V. At part 7 in the series, the November 2014 edition closes off the highly successful Microcontroller Bootcamp course. On his famous last pages Editor Jan Buiting gets to grips with a Heathkit AA-100 tube amplifier from the 1960s. Also triggering nostalgic thoughts but firmly based in 2014 is our Precise Nixie Clock which derives its time from GPS.

Of course, there’s plenty more to keep you occupied inside until December and if you purchase the print edition of Elektor from the Elektor Store you’ll receive free shipping on the magazine PLUS any additional items in your basket!

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