Elektor has always been on the forefront of new products and technologies, explaining and using them in easy and comprehensible ways. This time we introduce you to a state-of-the-art technology called Near Field Communication (NFC), and we do this by means of a book. Not just any book, no, we are very proud to present to you World’s First NFC-enhanced interactive book “Catch the Sun”.


“Catch the Sun” is about the beautiful world of hot air ballooning and provides a look into its history, science and practice by means of impressive full-color pictures, movies, music and Internet features. Hold your NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet against the pages of the book to release multimedia content, connect via social media, download free music or learn more about NFC.


The NFC chips integrated into the pages make these amazing features possible. Countless books about electronic circuits exist, but “Catch the Sun” is the only one that has real working circuits inside! But there is more. At Elektor we know that our readers like to experiment and play with new technologies. Therefore we added to the book two “virgin” NFC tags that you can program yourself with your smartphone or tablet. Use them for whatever comes to your mind.


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