The ALD212900A/ALD212900 from Advanced Linear Devices (ALD) is a family of dual high-precision monolithic N-Channel MOSFET arrays in an 8-pin SOI package. Featuring Zero-Threshold Voltage, the devices establish new industry benchmarks for forward transconductance, output conductance and drive. Ideally suited for low-voltage and small signal applications, the new devices are capable of working in sub-threshold regions with <5nA of operating supply currents while delivering higher output drive currents (typ. >50mA).


The MOSFETs are designed for exceptional device electrical characteristics matching with the gate threshold voltage VGS(th) set precisely at +0.00V, featuring a typical offset voltage of only 0.001V (1mV). Serving as versatile design components for a broad range of analog applications, these devices are basic building blocks for current sources, differential amplifier input stages, transmission gates, multiplexer applications, and limited operating voltage applications such as very low level voltage-clamps and nano-power normally-on circuits.