Direct current resonance is a new technology that converts direct current electric energy into electromagnetic field energy and uses a newly discovered physical phenomenon called an electromagnetic resonance field to transmit power. The technology can enhance energy conversion efficiency because a resonance field is formed directly from the direct current power source. It can also reduce the number of times power is converted in the power transmission system and achieve greater simplicity and power efficiency. In addition, expanding resonance fields could extend applications to a variety of usage scenarios.


The direct current resonance method is an amalgamation of several technologies that Murata has fostered over the years, including power storage device technology, wireless transmission technology, power module technology to enhance power conversion efficiency, and EMI technology. Going forward, Murata aims to create new value in the electronics field by proposing solutions and developing products with value. These will be tailored to a variety of usage scenarios and applications and will be perfected by listening closely to the opinions of our customers and related industries.