Agilent Technologies announced the 34450A 5½ digit bench-top Digital Multimeter (DMM), designed to turbocharge electronic test and measurement applications for industrial and educational use. It is currently the fastest instrument in its class, capable of up to 190 readings per second with 0.015 percent DCV accuracy. Multiple connectivity options, including USB 2.0, serial interface (RS-232) and general-purpose interface bus (GPIB), offer flexibility when transferring data to a PC for analysis.


The new DMM can deliver up to 50,000 readings of onboard memory, allowing users to log up to 14 hours of data at one sample per second. Plus, to simplify day-to-day tasks, it comes with a built-in histogram, performs basic statistical functions and provides simple data analysis. This multipurpose dual-display device can perform 11 measurement functions. Its high-contrast OLED display and its one-page menu allow for setting up measurement functions quickly. Built-in code compatibility simplifies migration of existing test programs to the 34450A DMM.