Yesterday an unprecedented number of participants watched a live webinar on Platino, Elektor’s new multi-purpose AVR microcontroller board described in the November 2011 edition. The webinar was the first in a series of five organized jointly by element14 and Elektor and broadcast via the Internet using highly interactive Cisco WebEx technology.


In his 30-minute presentation, Clemens Valens, Elektor France editor and designer of Platino, calmly gave his audience a full tour of the board, also covering the way it got designed and not forgetting the function and location of the main components and where to get them. Software and applications for the Platino were also shown to the audience. Clemens was guided as well as introduced to the audience by webinar host Nina Jaynes at element14.


Possibly as a result of being awe-struck, the audience did not file too many difficult queries for Clemens to answer in the subsequent Q & A session, which lasted about 25 minutes. The recorded/edited version of the webinar will be available soon from the element14 website.


If you missed this brilliant webinar, register for the next one planned for November 17 when John Dobson and Ben Rowland will discourse on how Elektor/Matrix Multimedia E-Blocks can be applied for Twittering messages to groups. Even with the latest online technology, seats are limited so be sure to sign up early.