For those of you who prefer a digital format and reduced price, we’ve converted another of our best-sellers into an E-book – just for you.

Available now in PDF format, purchasing Create 30 PIC Microcontroller Projects with Flowcode 6 not only leaves space on your bookshelf, but also saves you 25% on the price of a hard-copy.

Create 30 PIC Microcontroller Projects with Flowcode 6 covers the use of Flowcode® version 6, the all-graphics-oriented programming suite, starting off with down-to-earth tutorial projects and step-by-step instructions, before moving on to more ambitious projects, increasing the challenge of working from concepts only yet reaching a fully working PIC-based project on your desk. Without exception, the 30 projects in the book are fun to build and use.

Secret doorbells, youth deterrents and GPS tracking are but a small sample of the engaging and challenging projects this E-book will guide you through, and at 25% cheaper than its corporeal counterpart, there’s never been a better time to hone those hardware and software skills!

Having completed the purchase of this Elektor E-Book the PDF file is ready for downloading in the ‘My Downloads’ section of ‘Your Account’.

Of course, if you would prefer having a physical version of this excellent publication, you can always purchase a paperback copy here.

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