Of course it is always fun to test new products before they reach our online store. It is especially nice for the technicians in our company, but occasionally one of the commercial staff jump up from their chair at the sight of a product. Especially now that we have put together a collection of ‘fun’ products: applied electronics with a high entertainment value. Our Eggbot scored highly in the run up to Easter and currently the Crazyfile Nanocopter is our number one hit!

Someone who has taken the word "hit" a little too seriously is our web & online governor Erik Jansen. Over and over again he has new ‘Motor Mounts’ installed; the plastic legs that hold the engines in place. These mounts are now designed to absorb the impact of a blow. But some are easier to break than the design protected by the mounts themselves: the drone. Therefore the manufacturer Seeed Studio has added some additional mounts to their orders. There are now five included, although in Erik’s case he needed more like seven.

Not that that was the end of it, because despite previous experience (Erik took home a Parrot AR Drone), Erik is not a very good pilot. Especially not when it comes to flying indoors. The Crazyflie is a little powerhouse that reaches incredible speeds in a very short time, and he even managed to have a collision with one of the medieval sleepers in our castle. The same applied to the eaves of the castle courtyard, to where he was eventually banished. So especially for Erik and all other aspiring crazy pilots, we have now imported more ‘Motor Mounts’ to our online store.

Now in the Elektor store:

Crazyflie 2.0 combo kit

Motor Mounts