Watch the Elektor homepage as of Monday September 19, when a banner tells you exactly how long you have to wait before Elektor opens its one-of-a-kind OUTLET store on the web.


The moment OUTLET opens, a vast number of Elektor blockbuster projects from recent editions come on sale at slashed prices. Uniquely each item on sale is introduced to you not by marketing or sales staff but by an Elektor engineer or editor sharing his enthusiasm about the project with you – hopefully!


The Elektor OUTLET store was created and stocked up in celebration of Elektor’s 50th anniversary as a truly non-conformant and audacious publishing house with a readership of millions over the years. We like ‘50’ so much, our OUTLET will remain online for 50 days from the launch date, selling products at discounts up to 50 percent.


All products on sale in the OUTLET store come with Elektor’s regular support and warranty and in fact special service channels have been created to assist customers.


So it’s SOON TO COME -- your chance to buy that piece of Elektor kit you’ve always dreamed of but were afraid to flip the price tag. Like SDR, OSPV1, GBDSO, CO2 Meter, Scepter & Interscepter and lots more.


Watch that countdown banner! Visit-or-Miss-it!