Sumitomo Chemical, a new player in the OLED arena, plans to exhibit its polymer OLED (PLED) lighting technology at the upcoming Light+Building trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany. They will display large-scale lighting panels measuring around 10 centimeters square, produced almost entirely by printing. Glowing in sixty different colors, the panels are made by coating everything except the electrodes using printing technology. According to Sumitomo Chemical, this is a first in the industry.


In addition to generating natural light that is soft and gentle on the eyes, polymer OLED lighting technology has the unique advantage of being able to produce innumerable color hues. This is complemented by the reduced environmental impact that can be achieved with the simplified manufacturing process, making PLED the perfect next-generation lighting technology.


The booth for the trade fair, designed by a leading Japanese architect, aims to express the interaction between high-tech lighting and traditional Japanese sense of harmonious colors.