The  Jencolor family of photometry devices from MAZeT (Germany) is targeted at colorimetry and LED light measurement tasks. They include the MTCSiCF color sensor for photometry and colorimetry, the MCDC04 sensor signal amplifier with I²C interface, and the MTCS-INT-AB3 evaluation kit for photometry applications. Applications include color temperature monitoring and long-term stabilization of LED light, colorimetry tasks in industry, medicine and cosmetics, and analytics.


The MTCSiCF color sensor is the latest member of MAZeT’s family of true color sensors with XYZ filters designed for absolute colorimetry corresponding to human color perception using defined filter characteristics (standard spectral values). The sensor enables precise measurement of the colors of materials, liquids or light in accordance with the CIE 1931 and DIN 5033 standards. This facilitates measuring systems that replicate human color perception and display their results as XYZ coordinates in the Lab (Luv) color space.