The BITalino kit, developed by a researcher at the Institute of Telecommunications in Portugal, includes sensor modules for monitoring several biological signals of the human body \, as well as an accelerometer and an ambient light sensor. The biosignal sensors enable monitoring of the electrical activity of the heart (electrocardiography, or ECG). the electrical activity of the skeletal muscles (electromyography, or EMG) and the electrical conductance of the skin (electrodermal activity, or EDA), which varies with its moisture level and can be an indicator of psychological or physiological arousal.


The kit is supplied with the modules joined together in a single board, but they can be broken free and used individually or in any desired combination. Users can also connect additional sensors for other signals.


The sensor modules can interface with sensor platforms such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi. The BITalino kit comes with software for a  biosignal processing toolbox, real-time data recording, and accessing the APIs of Android, Python and other software platforms.