Flowcode 5 is neither an interpreter nor an assembler. It’s an advanced graphical programming language allowing those with little experience to create complex electronic and robotic systems. Flowcode is a powerful language that uses macros to facilitate the control of complex devices like 7-segment displays, motor controllers, and LCD displays. The use of macros allows students to control highly complex electronic devices without getting bogged down in understanding the programming involved. Flowcode is used in education as a means of introducing students to the concepts of programming. Flowcode is used in industry for rapid development and as a means of managing large projects.


Elektor customers having worked with Flowcode 3 or 4 will revel at the new features packed in version 5 – the full list appears on the pages linked to below.


Flowcode 5 is available from week 51, 2011. If you reserve your copy now, you pay no postage and packing!