You've probably heard of Elektor's world famous (and free) online Q&A sessions but perhaps haven’t participated? Well, you should! In our latest session, we received so many questions from our attendees that it was impossible to solve them all live. But we did our best. After all, it’s about having a fun electronics enthusiasts’ “gathering.” We talked about electronics, we learned a lot, and we had fun. What else could we ask for?

Our presenter, Jan Visser, has a unique and friendly way of covering the topics. In our last session we wanted all of you—beginners to experts—to ask about anything. So the subjects comprised everything from analog to digital and hardware to software. We even had one of the topics covered by Elektor Labs Technical Director Clemens Valens, who joined us remotely.

Unfortunately, we noticed that some of you who had expressed interest couldn't join the actual webinar due to schedule constraints. So to provide another chance for you and others to join us, our third session will be on Wednesday, June 11, at 7 PM CEST (1 PM EDT). We hope this will be a more convenient time for everyone.

Don't miss your chance. Join us! And remember, submitting your questions in advance increases the chance of getting them resolved! Your move.

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