Just a week before the introduction of the ARM-based Arduino Due, Cordium launched its ARM BASIC Chip. They call is the only system on a chip with IEEE floating point support for US$10. According to the manufacturer, the ARM BASIC Chip is ideal for students learning how to program and develop applications, educators and researchers designing prototypes, DIYers interested in robotics, wireless and sensors, factory automation and data collection.


Combining a 50 MHz ARM Cortex-M0 32-bit CPU with 32 KB flash memory and 4 KB RAM, the chip is easy to use and program in compiled BASIC. Operating with IEEE 754 floating-point support, it executes more than ten million BASIC lines per second and provides 22 digital I/O lines. The component is housed in a 28-pin DIP package and operates from 3.3 V with power dissipation under 50 mW.