Did you know that China produces 44% of the world's apples? Probably not. Yet if someone would ask you where the world's Apples are being made, wouldn't you answer China? You probably would and you would be right too as all of Apple's products are made in China. This interesting but rather useless Apple-to-apple comparison and several more have been forged into a nice infographic by MBAOnline.com, a web site about "what works and doesn’t work from the top business minds in the blogosphere".


Hungry for more of those revealing facts? In 2009 the world produced some 71 million tons of apples, totalling $30 billion. In that same year 138,000 tons of Apples were produced, totalling $31 billion. Russia turns out to be the world's top apple buyer, spending every year $550 million on the fruit. The US on the other hand is the world's top Apple buyer, spending $16 billion on the electronic gadgets.


Based on the current price of an unlocked 16 GB iPhone 4S and a price of $1 per pound of apples, one iPhone can buy you about 2000 apples. An average apple weighs 140 grams of which 85% is water, thus an apple corresponds to 120 ml of water. This means that one iPhone 4S equals to 240 liters of water. Apples for Africa? Food for thought!