Analog Devices has introduced a low-cost hardware/software product for the engineering education market, with the focus on analog circuit testing. It integrates MatLab software and Analog Discovery Design kits, enabling students to experiment with advanced technologies and build, test, analyze and document real-world, functional analog circuits anytime and anywhere for the price of a textbook.


MatLab and the Data Acquisition Toolbox Support Package for the Analog Discovery environment enable students to acquire signals and to filter and analyze data. This integration allows students to develop a deeper understanding of the circuits they are building and reinforces MatLab skills they are already learning in other classes. The portable Analog Discovery module has the size of a deck of cards and features a 2-channel oscilloscope, a 2-channel waveform generator, a dual power supply and a 16-channel logic analyzer.


Students may obtain a student license for the MatLab software or use a site license from their educational institution (if available).