FPGAs are unquestionably among the most versatile but complex components in modern-day electronics. An FPGA contains a maze of gates and other circuit elements that can be used to put together your own digital circuit on a chip. To help you get on your way with FPGA programming the Elektor Labs has designed a small FPGA development board. In a series of articles using this board we will show you how easy it is for any electronics enthusiast, whether professional or amateur, to work with these programmable logic devices.


You can buy the board with all the parts mounted for only € 59.95. Or, if you like to assemble your own boards, you can buy the bare PCB. Besides the board, all you need is a PC, a USB cable and the free FPGA development tool Xilinx ISE WebPack. That’s right, no special programming hardware or paid or time-limited licenses needed, you only pay the board. FPGA development has never been cheaper!