Xped has developed a system which allows you to quickly implement a control interface on a smartphone for an Arduino or Raspberry Pi project. The hardware components of the complete system consist of the ADRC (Auto Discovery Remote Control) shield which supports both NFC and the Personal Area Network using the 802.15.4 MAC layer comms protocol RF link and an ADRC Hub (is that a Raspberry Pi in there?). The Hub connects to your existing Wi-Fi router via an Ethernet port and acts as a bridge, providing 802.15.4 RF communications to the shield, allowing remote control of your Arduino or RPi project via the Internet. The hub can also run apps, for example a rules engine can be configured to control your devices based on events occurring from sensor inputs or information feeds.

A smartphone app called DeB allows you to interact with any ADRC device. DeB is a single app providing developers the ability to create customised user interfaces. When you tap your phone to your project, DeB prompts you about the discovery of the new device. Now you give the project a name and DeB reads your project’s RML file from the Shield and creates a user interface for it. Once this happens you can control the device. DeB comes with a set of device templates that work out of the box, allowing you to customise them to suit your needs.

Xped’s crowd funding campaign for the system on Kickstarter will shortly be coming to an end and they have already passed their initial target.