BreadBoardManiac have been making some cool prototyping boards and accessories like their thin, double-sided, BiscuitBoard and CakeBoard that can be physically mounted onto the LEGO brick system, they even produce a special breadboard made of wood! Along with the accessories is a wire stripping gauge that allows you to accurately bend wire interconnects and cut them to the correct length so that they all line up neat and tidy, flush with the surface of the solderless prototyping board. The finished wiring looks like a work of modern art rather than the messy rats nest effect that you normally get with flying leads. You have probably already worked out that these people are passionate about breadboarding.

Their latest accessory is a neat micro USB connector that plugs into the supply rails on a prototyping board and allows the board to be powered via a USB cable.

The connector is available as a kit of parts with or without an enclosure and as a ready assembled unit. They are funding the connector on Kickstarter and with 22 days to go they have already raised one and a half times their original goal.