Toshiba Electronics Europe has introduced a new MOSFET with a VDSS rating of 800 V. The design of the TK17A80W is based on Toshiba’s high voltage DTMOS IV super junction technology that uses a single epitaxial process.

Compared to multi epitaxial processes, Toshiba’s Deep Trench technology is able to maintain a low ON-resistance (RDS(ON)) at higher operating temperatures and offers lower turn-off switching losses (EOSS) than previous generation devices. Details of the TK17A80W characteristics are a little sketchy in the press release but a lower RDS(ON) and EOSS will improve efficient switching. The DTMOS IV technology enables faster switching by reducing the value of parasitic capacitance between the gate and drain. The TK17A80W has a typical CISS of 1450 pF (at VDS = 300 V and f = 100 kHz). The quoted maximum ratings are 800 VDSS, +/- 30 VGSS and 17 A drain current. RDS(ON) is 0.3 ohm. The device characteristics make it suitable for applications such as switching power supplies, inverters, flyback converters and high voltage LED lighting equipment.

Production runs of the TK17A80W will begin in the near future and the device will be available in a fully isolated TO220SIS package. Samples are available now, further performance options and TO220 DPAK and IPAK packaging will follow.