It’s holiday season and the chances are some of your gadgets will be also be going along for the ride. The ThinkPower mobile charger by Zettaly has been designed to provide essential recharge capability for USB-charged devices when you find yourself any distance from a mains wall outlet. The ThinkPower itself can be fully charged in just 90minutes and once charged its 10,000mAh high-capacity battery pack can recharge any USB-powered gadget. It has been tested with iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, HTC, Moto, LG, GoPro and many other brands of smartphones, tablets, and cameras (for DIY fans its also tested been tested with the Raspberry Pi :). A fully charged ThinkPower has enough capacity to recharge an iPhone 5 over four times.

 One advantage of the system is its recharge speed; if you charge you phone directly from a wall outlet for 10 minutes you will be lucky to get an hour’s usage before the low-battery warning kicks off. Plugging in the ThinkPower for the same time you'll extend the phone's life for several hours. It is also relatively compact weighing not much more than an iPad mini and not much bigger than a smartphone so it should not take up too much space in your luggage. It recharges from 20 V provided by a standard Lenovo adapter unit.

It may not be available for this year’s holiday but Zettaly have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the ThinkPower and have so far made a promising start.