Are you tired of the latest generation of total-immersion, high-resolution shoot-em-up games? Do you hanker after simpler times when graphics were blocky and sound effects more basic? Retro Computers Ltd hopes that you are not the only one who feels this way. They think the time is right to reintroduce the ZX Spectrum, one of the earliest and most popular home computers from the 80’s.

They have been working for some time to secure a licence for production from the owners of the Spectrum’s intellectual property rights. The Vega spectrum will come with 1,000 retro games preloaded in memory. There are something like 14,000 games in existence for the spectrum and the team at Retro Computers Ltd are contacting the thousands of original Spectrum game developers in order to secure their permission to use their games on the Vega. A combined software royalty will be donated to charity and as more games become available they will be made available for free.

The Vega spectrum has just a few buttons for game playing and menu control. A screen-based keyboard can also be activated when necessary. The machine also has an SD card reader to load more games or update the software so it won’t be necessary to crack out that old cassette player. The team are funding the project on Indiegogo and two days into their campaign they have already secured the £100,000 ($156,500 USD) goal which will fund the first 1,000 units.