Texas Instruments has launched what they claim is the first comprehensive online classroom for analog design engineers. The teaching resource is called TI Precision Labs. The on-demand curriculum combines theory and applied lab exercises to deepen the technical expertise of experienced engineers and accelerate the development of those just starting out in design and development. This free modular curriculum includes over 30 hands-on training and lab videos, covering analog amplifier design considerations along with online course work.

To accompany the course TI is also marketing a $199 op-amp development board called the TI-PLABS-AMP-EVM. It contains eight common op amp circuits that can be configured with jumpers and allows the user to complete each demonstrated learning activity along with the trainer. The curriculum also provides access to free design tools, such as TI Designs reference designs and TI’s TINA-TI SPICE model simulator. The documentation shows configuration examples of the EVM using the National Instruments VirtualBench and TI’s Bode Analyzer Software for VirtualBench. Standard bench-top test and measurement equipment can also be used. Click here for more information.