Lime Microsystems have announced the introduction of their LMS7002M second-generation Field Programmable RF (FPRF) dual transceiver chip. This highly integrated design should take all the hard work out of equipping your new device with whatever RF connectivity standard you choose. It can cover the continuous RF spectrum extending from 50 MHz to 3.8 GHz, supporting all cellular standards including 2G, 3G and 4G / LTE and their TDD / FDD variants and many others including all the WiFi standards. The modulation bandwidth is fully programmable from 1.5 MHz to 28 MHz.

Baseband inputs and outputs use a differential parallel interface to the JESD207 standard. PLL synthesizers are integrated on chip for both transmit and receive paths and the receiver features three front-end LNAs which can be individually tuned to different bands. It also has AGC and a received signal strength indicator output. Transmitter output is +3 dBm continuous wave.

A serial peripheral interface (SPI) is used for chip programming and an integrated 8051 processor handles programming and configuration of internal circuitry. It uses a 1.8 V supply at less than 1 mA standby and power saving features can selectively shut down unused circuit blocks. All this functionality comes in an 11.5 mm square QFN package.