ProtoCam is a prototyping breadboard which provides a mounting space for a standard camera module and a 26-way header for access to the Raspberry Pi GPIO signals.  It forms a useful platform for camera-based projects making it easy to neatly mount pushbuttons, sensors, LEDs, segment displays and standard ICs with through-hole leads.

The ProtoCam project was launched on kickstarter just five days ago and the pledges so far mean that it is already almost half way to the funding goal. Some suggestions on the kickstarter page for camera-based applications include a high-intensity LED flash unit, an IR illuminator, countdown timer and an inspection camera mounted on a wheeled robot. The board is compatible with both the model A and B versions of the Raspberry Pi but will not be able to make use of the newer 40 pin I/O connector of the B+ version.

The kit includes the prototyping PCB (the same size as the RPi), a tall 26-way box header and a ribbon cable to fit the standard camera module (camera not included).