You may remember the Arduino-compatible Microduino  system that we reported on last year when it launched on Kickstarter. It consists of a family of 1” square stackable PCBs, allowing a complex, customizable system to be quickly assembled in very little space. The original concept was successfully funded and now the team at Microduino Studio are back with the Joypad. To mark the 25th anniversary of the launch of the original Nintendo Gameboy the Microduino team have initiated a Kickstarter campaign to fund this fully open-source Joypad.

If you hanker for some retro gaming you can quickly build a basic 8-bit games console to play Tetris, Snake, Break the Bricks or Higher and Higher. Using the example game programs you can experiment, modify and customize the game or create your own. In addition you can choose from the some of the available extension boards to turn the Joypad into a Quadcopter RF remote controller, robot controller, SMS texting device or a TV games controller.

With 23 days still to run the Joypad has already attracted over three quarters of the target funding.