Lattice Semiconductor Corp has announced the Ultra range of FPGAs to augment its ICE40 family of devices. Although The ICE40 has been around for a couple of years now the company’s new ‘Ultra’ range offers a wider choice of devices with improved functionality, smaller foot print and lower power. The iCE40 Ultra family integrates LED drivers, multipliers and accumulators, serial interfaces and a whole host more of hardened intellectual property (IP). This ASSP-like integration reduces system power and speeds implementation so designers can spend more time on the customization process. Main features of the Ultra family can be summarized as:

  • Programmable I2C & SPI interfaces
  • 10kHz Low Power Oscillator
  • 48MHz High Performance Oscillator
  • Four 16 x 16 Multiplier & 32-bit Accumulator Blocks
  • Programmable PLL
  • Three 24 mA Constant Current Sinks
  • One 500 mA Constant Current Sink
  • Up to 80 kbits of Embedded Block RAM Non Volatile
  • Configuration Memory (NVCM)
  • Up to 3520 Look Up Tables (LUTs) for customized capabilities
  • Up to 26 I/O’s for customized interfaces

The smallest iCE40 Ultra device in a Wafer Level Chip Scale (WLCS) package measures 1.7 mm x 2.1 mm x 0.45 mm. Software support is provided by the Lattice iCECube2™ tool. The iCE40 Ultra family devices are available from Lattice now.