Lattice Semiconductor has developed two power-saving IP cores intended for use in smartphones and mobile devices. Known as ‘Voice Solution’ the two IPs are: Voice Command supporting hands-free and always-on applications, and Voice Recognition which improves the user experience by enhancing security and reducing false trigger inputs.  They essentially act as a processing front-end, allowing the main processor to remain in low power dormant mode until voice commands have been processed and recognized by the Lattice Voice Processor.

The IP cores will fit in a 2.1 × 2.1 mm FPGA (36 ball, 0.35 mm pitch) of its low-power iCE40 family of FPGAs for mobiles. According to Joy Wrigley, Product Line Manager at Lattice Semiconductor “Accurate and reliable voice detection and command recognition is important for today’s smartphones and other mobile devices, but processing sounds with a power hungry processor quickly drains batteries when random sounds are misinterpreted as human speech. User experience is also diminished when devices do not properly capture commands. Lattice’s low power, near-zero latency voice solutions alleviate these issues so manufacturers can improve the reliability of their devices’ voice activated functions while extending battery life.”

Silicon samples and both voice IP cores are available immediately by contacting Lattice directly or going to the Lattice webpage.