At an IFA press event in Belek, Turkey BSH announced that they have come up with an app called Home Connect that will allow interaction with different brands of household appliance. They plan to demonstrate Home Connect together with IoT enabled appliances from the Bosch and Siemens brand families at a consumer electronics and home appliances show held by IFA in Berlin in September.

Dr Claudia Häpp, project manager for Home Connect demonstrated the app. With this app you just need an iPhone (the Android app will follow) and an in-range home WiFi router to control the appliances. Users will first need to register online using an e-mail address. Data transfer takes place between the Smartphone and appliance using the Home Connect protocol. Dr Häpp explained that for the sake of security only the most necessary information is (anonymously) stored in a dedicated Home Connect server and they have collaborated with selected partners to produce a comprehensive security concept.

Next year will see a further rollout of Home Connect, according to Dr Häpp "We are going to further tap the potential of our connectivity solution, one step at a time". This will see the open platform develop a wider range of services.