Remember those electronic key fobs that helped you find your keys by beeping when you clapped your hands? The ‘Find’ is a 21st century version which does a similar job but hooks up to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Attach the ‘Find’ fob to keys, a bag, pets, laptops, phones etc and your smartphone alarm lets you know that the fob has gone beyond the range you specified in the set up. There are three other modes of operation selectable from the smartphone app: ‘manual search’ triggers an alarm in the fob to allow you to hear where it is. If the item is out of range a map shows your current location and the last known location of the fob. In ‘phone protect’ mode you put the Find fob in your pocket and if you leave without picking up your phone the fob bleeps to remind you, again you can program the trigger distance. In ‘combined’ mode an alarm sounds on both the phone and fob when they exceed the pre-programmed separation range.

The system also works with multiple fobs. Power comes from a single coin cell which lasts up to six months. With only four days to go before the end of their kickstarter funding campaign the SenseGiz team who proposed this neat idea have already been pledged over $34,000 - quite a bit more than their original target of $1,000.