In 2010 Maxim acquired Teridian Semiconductor to create a device portfolio for Smart Metering applications. Recently a new device was added, the 78M6631, which is a highly integrated three-phase power measurement and monitoring system-on-chip (SoC) with a 10 MHz 8051-compatible processor core. Designed for a wide variety of applications requiring three-phase power and quality measurements, it is available with preloaded firmware that supports both delta and wye (Y or star) three-phase configurations.


With six analogue inputs (three differential current and three voltage) for interfacing to current and voltage sensors, the chip features an embedded metrology engine and a full range of embedded diagnostic functions, including power factor, harmonic distortion, voltage sag and dip. It also provides better than 0.5 % system accuracy over a 2000:1 dynamic range. This allows the use of low-value shunt resistors to reducing heat and parasitic power loss. The integrated MPU core and flash memory provide application flexibility, on-chip calibration and field upgrade capability.