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Nanomesher Hackable Pi Switch Cap

How many times have you wished you had an on/off switch on your Raspberry Pi Project? Nanomesher has the solution for you. A programmable power switch that can be controlled by a single button or IR remote, compatible with Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2/3/3 B+/Zero/Zero W.
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This neat little board from Nanomesher adds a programmable power switch to your Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2/3/Zero/Zero W, which can be controlled by a single button or IR remote. The Cap part of the name indicates that it connects via the GPIO pins, attached to the top of the Raspberry Pi much like a HAT. It only uses the first twelve GPIO pins, though, leaving 28 spare on (most) Raspberry Pi models allowing you to attach additional hardware. The board uses 5 V micro USB input port as the Raspberry Pi itself. You only need to press the power button on the board or on the remote and the Cap will start providing power to the RPi.


  • Fully assembled ready to use
  • Single button or Infrared (IR) remote On / Off operation
  • Turn off Pi by triggering system shutdown, wait for the system to be fully halted and cuts power
  • Suitable for mounting on a front face-plate
  • Onboard Attiny85 Microprocessor can be removed and reprogrammed if needed
  • Open Source for both Attiny software and Shutdown Script , which means you can adopt other remote controls.
  • Directly plug onto Raspberry Pi, no jumper cable required
  • Infrared Remote signals of all buttons can be read from Pi. It's LIRC compatible which means you can adopt other remote controls.
  • Kodi Control support
  • 1 x LED controllable via GPIO
  • 3 x I2C ports
  • Confirmed to work with latest Pi 3 B+ as well as older Raspberry Pis

Note: Raspberry Pi is not included. The Pi Switch Cap comes with the generic remote.

While it works out as a Pi Switch out of the box, you can also reprogram it using an Attiny MCU programmer. Being hackable, the firmware can be modified to suit your needs. The switch can be used as an Attiny development board with the following functions:

    • Output to trigger relay.
    • Output to LED
    • Analog input to detect a voltage between 0-5 V
    • Input for push button
    • Input fan or infrared receiver which can be coded to distinguish all the buttons in the remote included
    • Output to trigger an external digital input (pull down)

The video below features the predecessor Nanomesher Hackable Pi Switch (not Pi Switch Cap).

SKU 18555
Manufacturer Nanomesher


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