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E-Book: Microcontroller Basics

Microcontrollers have become an indispensable part of modern electronics. They make things possible that vastly exceed what could be done previously. Innumerable applications show that almost nothing is impossible.

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There’s thus every reason to learn more about them, but that raises the question of where to find a good introduction to this fascinating technology.

The answer is easy: this Microcontroller Basics book, combined with the 89S8252 Flash Board project published by Elektor Electronics.

However, this book offers more than just a basic introduction. It clearly explains the technology using various microcontroller circuits and programs written in several different programming languages. Three microcontrollers from the 8051 family are used in the sample applications, ranging from the simple 89C2051 to the AN2131, which is designed to support USB applications. The programming tools include assemblers, Basic-52 and BASCOM-51, and several C compilers. Every reader can thus find the programming environment most suitable to his or her needs.

In the course of the book, the reader gradually develops increased competence in converting his or her ideas into microcontroller circuitry. All of the sample programs can be downloaded from the Elektor Electronics website or the author’s website. That has the added advantage that the latest versions are always available.

SKU 16048
Pages 230 pages
Author(s) Elektor
ISBN 978-0-905705-67-5
Language English
Size 14 x 21 cm
File Format/Size PDF, 3 MB

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