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Matrix TSL

About Matrix:

Since 1993, Matrix has developed a portfolio of award-winning products which have applications in Education, Industry and in the home. Our main ranges of products include:

Flowcode is one of the World’s most advanced graphical programming languages for microcontrollers which allows those with little experience to develop complex electronic systems. Flowcode is used extensively in both education and industry.

E-Blocks are small circuit boards each of which contains a block of electronics that you would typically find in an electronic or embedded system. We combine our E-Blocks with Flowcode, other software and curriculum to create a range of cutting edge technology rolutions for education and industry.

In 2008, Matrix acquired Locktronics, a range of products that simplifies the process of learning and teaching electricity and electronics. The expanding range now includes solutions for Electronics, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Automotive education. Locktronics has a wide range of customers from Primary schools up to universities, and is used in more than 10,000 schools world-wide.

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